Brie Courtlyn Mattson

Actress - SAG/AFTRA

“Missed Call”

Written and Directed by Brie Mattson screening December 11th, 2018 at The Beverly Hills Playhouse Film Festival

Failure to answer a routine call could end up being the biggest regret of Miles’ life….


Release of "Black Sheep"

November 14th, 2017 

The premiere release of "Black Sheep" at the Beverly Hills Playhouse film festival. 

Meg is bombarded with a slew of un-solicited advice after a sort-lived marriage at the Archer family reunion. Upon being re-united with wacky Aunt Libby, Meg discovers that sometimes a black sheep is the best thing you can be. 

"I had so much fun making this film. Wearing all of the different 'hats' as a: writer, director, actress, and producer was such a hands-on lesson in film-making. Until this project, the only aspect of film-making I had truly immersed myself in was acting and I know developing an understanding for what all of the other moving parts are going through: their stresses, their concerns, etc. will only make me a more giving performer. Working with the cast and crew of 'Black Sheep' was such a rewarding experience. We shot it in 2 days in Castaic because my cousins volunteered their house for the weekend (I'm not sure they knew exactly what that was going to entail as we completely took over their house haha!) and it was all hands on deck and such a collaborative and rewarding experience. I have such admiration for all of the actors and crew members in this film and I'm so grateful they went on this journey with me helped tell this story."

Leaha Boshen and Brie Mattson

Leaha Boshen and Brie Mattson